Affecting Behavior Change, LLC

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Using evidence-based practices in Applied Behavior Analysis to enhance children's experience/assist parents in affecting lasting behavior change.

Idividualized assessment and treatment packages that are socially significant; make the parents and children successful.

Functional Behavior Assessments

Include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Interview of staff, student (if applicable) and parent
  2. Student record review
  3. Observation of the student in school and, if requested, home
  4. Data collection
  5. Report

Additional: Behavior Intervention Plan

Program Evaluations

Include: record review, interviews, data collection, observations and a review of the modalities of Applied Behavior Analysis used in the program (e.g. Discrete Trial, Natural Environment Teaching, Incidental Teaching, shaping, chaining, and reinforcement).  

Expert Witness Services

Include: screening cases for merit, review and analysis of records, written or verbal reports, defining applicable standards of care and deviations from and adherence to applicable standards of care, assessing alleged damages and /or injuries, identifying and recommending potential defendants, research and analysis of validity and reliability of research studies relied on by all parties and testifying.