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Making Hard, Work Tasks Easy

Posted on February 20, 2019 at 10:50 AM

In Pampino et al., 2005 article, they discuss using fluency training to increase employee performance.  The authors suggest using fluency to increase the frequency (or number of times) work tasks are performed.  When workers are fluent; responding with speed and accuracy over time, in basic processes, more difficult processes become easier.

"Fluency is the ability to perform quickly, accurately, and without hesitation (Binder,1996).Training staff to fluency ensures the mastery of basic foundational skills on which higher order skills can be based, making more advanced work easier rather than harder. Basic foundational skills are most commonly improved upon by increasing the accuracy and frequency of the desired response.  When desired frequencies of accurate performance are achieved, learners seem to retain and maintain what they have learned, remain on-task in the face of distraction, and generalize those performances to new situations (Binder, 1996)."

When fluency training was applied to sales and customer service agents in a large wireless cell phone company, average calls per hour by the employees increased by 60%.  When applied to in a large construction company, within two hours (total), foreman were taught to fluently enter jobsite, operations codes; decreasing billing errors and increasing funder payment.  Accuracy in pricing for future bids/contracts is also noted.

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