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Preintervention Assessments in Organizational Behavior Management

Posted on February 20, 2019 at 10:05 AM

In Wilder et al., 2018, the authors discuss how preintervention assessments guide intervention.  "Safety assessments may assist managers or consultants to increase safety with respect to a specific task within an organization. Behavioral Systems Analysis (BSA) enables managers and consultants to improve the ways in which important processes are conducted and managed across units and people within the organization. Performance management assessments enable a manager or consultant to intervene on the specific antecedent or consequence events that contribute to performance problems."

Commonly used preintervention assessments include:

BSA is used to analyze the systems of the organization and the behaviors of the employees within the system (e.g. analyzing the product received by the customer and discovering it is not meeting the customer's needs).

Performance Diagnostic Checklist (PDC) is used to identify areas that need improvment or intervention to increase/decrease behavior.

PIC/NIC is used to analyze what happens before and after a performer engages in work tasks; from his/her perspective.

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