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A New Frontier: Integrating Behavioral and Digital Technology to Promote Health Behavior

Posted on February 10, 2019 at 12:20 AM

Reading the Dallery et al., 2014 article while developing the continuing education opportunity, the authors purport the use empirically supported principles and procedures of ABA in the development of technology-based interventions.  They stated, "Knowledge of the basic principles and procedures of operant behavior will help increase the likelihood of choosing parameters that result in good outcomes. Selecting incorrect procedures may render the intervention ineffective, which could lead to the conclusion that the principles underlying the intervention do not work...Similarly, a tailored intervention based on the causes for health behavior may fail if the functional determinants are not addressed for each individual. For these reasons,behavior analysts can and should play a critical role in developing, implementing, and evaluating novel technology-based interventions."

In addition, the authors discuss dissemination potential.  The reach via technology is unknown. Technology solves many ongoing problems for ABA providers; personnel and geographical restrictions. The authors also report the potential to narrow the “access gap” to behavioral health interventions and reduce health disparities in disadvantaged and hard-to-reach populations;"  not to mention the sustainability across time.

Diversification of practice and saving the world with ABA have been at the forefront of blogs, vlogs, and conference offerings.  This article offers great insight in ways to do both!  

If you are interested in reading the article, you can access it here.

If you are interested in learning more about this continuing education opportunity, click here.

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